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African Network of Institutions and Vocational Training Funds
The institutions and training funds set up by the states, within the framework of the human resource development policies, have as objectives to promote the development of the skills of the employees of formal enterprises as well as the actors and professional organizations of the agricultural sectors, artisanal and unstructured. And ultimately, help to increase the productivity of the workforce and improve the competitiveness of businesses and professional organizations through training. For greater efficiency and to combine their efforts, the Institutions and Training Funds have formed a Network, called the African Network of Institutions and Training Funds (RAFPRO). This is how the baptismal funds were raised in September 2006 in Cotonou with the support of the International Labor Office (ILO). The African Network of Institutions and Professional Training Funds (RAFPRO) was created as an association. governed by the law of 1901. The RAFPRO, as a consultation framework, aims, thanks among others to the exchange of good practices, to feed the reflections on the issues of Technical and Professional Skills Development (DCTP), in order to act significantly on the performance of the workforce and the competitiveness of the productive sectors. Institutions et Fonds de Formation Professionnelle (RAFPRO) a été créé en tant qu’une association régie par la loi 1901. Le RAFPRO, en tant que cadre de concertation, vise, grâce entre autres aux échanges de bonnes pratiques, à alimenter les réflexions sur les questions de Développement des Compétences Techniques et Professionnelles (DCTP), afin d’agir significativement sur la performance de la main-d’œuvre et la compétitivité des secteurs productifs.

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