BANGUI 25 AUGUST 26, 2011

The year two thousand and eleven and 25th and 26th of August was held at the Sport Complex Barthélemy Boganda (Stadium 20,000 places), the 4th ordinary General Assembly of RAFPRO.

Network member countries were present through their Fund and Institutional Directors or their duly mandated representatives.

Also present was the ILO representative, Mr. Guirma AGUNE, from the Skills Development and Employability Department.

the ONFPP of Guinea was absent, as well as the FAFPA of MALI

The National Office of Employment and Manpower (ONEMO) of Congo Brazzaville were represented by MM Michel MOUANGA and Albert BAHAMBOULA who participated in the GA as observers.

From the official Opening Ceremony

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister, Head of Government, the opening ceremony was punctuated by four speeches. Thus, one after the other, the following people spoke:

– Jean-Pierre DOUZIMA, General Director of ACFPE.

– Mr. GIRMA AGUNE, Training Policy Officer, ILO Department of Skills Development and Employability, Geneva.

– Mr. Pierre Henri COFFI, Secretary General of the FDFP and President of RAFPRO.

– His Excellency the Prime Minister, Professor Faustin Archange TOUADERA, Head of Government who officially opened the work of the 4th GA of RAFPRO.

The proceedings of the Assembly

Reading and adoption of the AG agenda

Following the opening ceremony, the extended office for the staff of the Fund Directors and observers from the Congo came together to study and adopt the work agenda of the GA.

After the presentation of the draft program by the Secretary General, the President circulates the floor for comments and observations.

On the proposals of the participants, the following amendments were adopted:

– The official launching ceremony having been extended until 12 o’clock, the GA proposed to postpone the beginning of the work in the afternoon at 15 hours; furthermore, for the press conference scheduled after the meeting, it was decided to widen the panel of speakers to the Vice-President and to the administrator of FONDEF Senegal.


Finally, a welcome motion was sent to the four new Directors and Directors of the Funds (FAFPA Burkina Faso, Le FONDEF Senegal, ONFPP of Guinea and FAFPCA of Niger). It was the same for the representatives of the Congo, observers to this GA and future members of the RAFPRO. Indeed, four RAFPRO member funds have experienced changes namely.

Review of the activity report.

Work resumed at 3 pm with a speech by the new Directors and Directors and representatives of the Congo (Ms. ILLA Honorine, Director of FAFPA BF, Ms. Fatou Thiaré KANE DIALLO, Director of FONDEF Senegal, Mr. HIMA Aliou Director General of FAFPCA Niger and Mr. Michel MOUANGA representative of ONEMO of Congo).

Following this tour de table, the President gave the floor to the Secretary General for the presentation of the moral report.

This report is structured around 3 points namely:

1. Moral report

2. Physical report

3. Financial report

Under the Moral Assessment presented by the SG it is recalled:

– the difficult context of holding electoral contests in most member countries.

– The updating of the action plan of the Network.

– The upward revision of the contribution rate.

– Signing with FONAP of a framework agreement for financial support for the implementation of the Network’s activities.

As part of the activity report, four main actions were carried out by the Network during the year 2010:

1. Two missions of the Secretary General in Côte d’Ivoire, held successively from 11 to 14 March and from 7 to 10 October 2010;

2. The holding of the third RAFPRO AGO on 1 April 2010 in Niamey;

3. The participation of the SG in the joint African Union – European Union workshop in Dakar;

4. A mission of the President at RAFPRO Headquarters from 23 to 26 July 2010.

The financial report mentioned the changes to FONDEF and the ONFPP justifying the unavailability of this report, which will be examined at the next GA.

Following this presentation, several participants commented on:

– The absence of the financial balance sheet;

– The wish to obtain a detailed situation of contributions per member;

– The mention to the activity report of the bilateral relations between the Funds.

To these concerns, the GA retained:

– The postponement of the review of the 2010 financial statement at the next GA following the statutory gap found in the case of departure during the term of office member, in this case the Treasurer General and the External Auditor.

– The recall of the decision of the GA of Niamey bringing the rate of membership dues from 500,000 CFA to 1,000,000 CFA;

– the mention of notices of calls for funds addressed to members;

– The systematic information of the SG of the cooperation actions between the Member Funds with a view to taking them into account in the Network’s activity report.


The first day ended with the examination of two of the seven areas of intervention of the 2010-2011 action plan, namely the specific training of the Funds and the implementation of the country objectives of the PFS.

The second day began with the consideration of the other five points of the 2010 action plan. Following the discussions, the following activities were selected.

For the last four months of 2011:

– Level 1 engineering training of training consultants in Grand-Bassam (last quarter of 2011);

– Dissemination of the proceedings of the Dakar symposium;

For the year 2012:

– Training on the transversality of the reflection on employment and training for the heads of studies and training engineering departments;

– Feedback workshop of the study on the specific professions of the Funds (end of November 2012) in Senegal (FONDEF / ONFP) with the support of the ILO;

– Evaluation workshop of reflection methods and impact studies of training actions (TOGO organizing country, with ILO support) in September 2012;

Review of the statutes and internal regulations.

Given the many comments raised by participants, it was agreed to postpone this review to the next GA.

Nevertheless, Rule 8 of the Rules of Procedure has been amended as follows:

In the event of vacancy of a member of the Executive Board, the temporary replacement is ensured by the new holder of the position of the structure until the next General Assembly, with the exception of that of the President for whom this interim is ensured by the vice president.

As a result, a transfer of expense is planned to DAKAR to allow the Administrator of FONDEF to act as Acting Treasurer General until the next GA.

Similarly, the interim of the External Auditor will be provided by the Director of the

Location of the next GA and ODJ

The next GA is planned for the end of March 2012 in Côte d’Ivoire.

The proposed ODJ is as follows:

– thematic workshop;

– Proofreading of the statutes and internal regulations;

– State of execution of the 2010-2011 action plan and adoption of a new action plan;

– Election of the Executive Bureau.

The agenda being exhausted, the Professor closed the meeting at 13H.

From the official closing Ceremony

Chaired by Mr. Noël RAMADAM, Minister of Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare, the ceremony recorded two interventions.

– The reading of a vote of thanks by the participants of the RAFPRO GA to the Government of Central Africa and all the people of the Central African Republic;

– The closing remarks of the Minister.

From the press conference

The CEO of ACFPE introduced the five panellists to the press and then gave the floor to the President of RAFPRO, who in an introductory presentation told the history of the Network, its partners, its objectives and some achievements.

The exchanges with the press will undoubtedly improve the visibility of the Network at the level of the authorities and the Central African nation and contribute to the better positioning of the ACFPE.

Done at Bangui on August 26, 2011.

The Secretary General